Plug and play with various moods of music: Connection and emotional memory with music

The music is part of people’s lives as you can connect to it. The variety of music speaks every emotion which you cannot express in your words. Playlists today are categorized in different moods or genres of song as preferred into complement the situation.  You can plug and play any of most popular English songs of all time and feel that how it can express your feelings well. Songs carry memories also! Memory as your connection with any old classic song could be so strong because something relative to it, something valuable or memorable happens with or it could be token of love or message once. Like some song like mad world by Gary Jules could be relative to some situation when you have had break up with your love mate and now every time you listen to that particular song, it takes you back to that time.


Music affects on your mood and mood affects your choice of music

This vice versa is quite interesting that only only the music and lives of people are connected but also they are inter-affected.

Mood of the music:  The mood is not exactly a structured categorization but a customization of songs into certain group on basis of its feel an expression. Th various moods are popular and sometime they are preferred, searched and categorized into albums, collections and listings according to their mood. There are latest songs in English which can also easily categorized in mood section like please stay by west life is touching sad song  and adore by Miley Cyrus can be romantic.

The affect of music on your mood and mood on music: The music which can be in any genre or any mood, it can make you happy, make you feel sad, can inspire or motive; or may be make you demotivated but it do affect you. The music is said to be healer, it has psychological effects on your mind, it has emotional affect too and can also make you vulnerable. You may be in any condition , in some personal problem or heavy hearted but a happy song can cheer you up or party song can lift your shoulders. Just like any sad song can make your more comfortable with that sadness but doesn’t let youevolve from it but make you more sad. But there is vice versa also, the mood also affect your choice of music. When you are happy, you want to listen happy songs, if sad then sad music and  party songs when you want to dance. The mood decide the choice of music.